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Yesterday I walked a couple of miles to my local King Soopers grocery store. Not an easy task as we still have lots of snow on the ground, but the sun was shinning and I wanted to get outside to enjoy it. King Soopers is one of my favorite places to shop as they have good quality meat and produce and the prices can’t be beat.

The store offers a wide variety of both organic and non organic fruits and vegetables as well as fresh herbs. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on whole foods if you shop wisely, and I find that at King
Soopers I can eat my favorite foods on a tight budget.

My favorite things to buy at King Soopers are orange juice (the King Soopers brand), their packaged nuts and snacks (which are usually priced lower than anywhere else that I can find) and bananas.

Let me know your favorite places to shop for healthy food.