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I have recently lost 120 pounds, most of it sine moving to Colorado.  Losing the weight has given me my health back, increased my energy level and has gotten me off a cupboard full of medications.  I was able to do so by changing my diet and exercising.

To change my diet I had to think about food in a whole new way.  Instead of feeling deprived of the foods I like to eat, I now think about how the food I eat is going to affect my body.  It’s simple, the food I eat is either going to help my body or hurt it.  I now try and make my diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables and healthy grains, nuts and lean meat.  I try and avoid processed food when possible.  But eating healthy isn’t enough.

By changing my diet I was able to lose around 30 or 40 pounds and then my weight loss slowed down.  It wasn’t until I moved to Colorado and started using a bicycle as my main mode of transportation that the rest of the weight came off.  I now often walk or ride at least 10 miles a day, and often do more.  I also choose activities which will keep me on my feet.  I now have more energy and stamina than most of the people around me.

I still have more weight to lose to be considered in perfect health, but the difference between now and then is amazing.  I encourage everyone to make getting healthy their new years resolution.  Here’s to your health!