My Story

A year ago I was extremely obese, unhappy and unhealthy.  I decided to make some radical changes in my life and moved to a new city, changed the way I ate and began exercising on a regular basis.  The result was I have lost around 120 pounds and gained my health and sanity back.

The most dramatic thing I did to accomplish my goals was to change the way I was eating.  I eliminated as many processed foods as possible and focused on eating fruits, vegetables and proteins.  I did not count calories or stick to a regimented diet.  Instead I let myself eat what I wanted when I wanted as long as it was healthy.  To get the weight off I slowly added exercise to my daily routine.

I began my exercise routine by walking 20 minutes per day.  When that seemed easy I began walking for 20 minutes several times a day.  I soon increased to one long walk a day.  I often would walk downtown from where I was living rather than riding the bus which amounted to 10 miles a day.

I have always been an avid bicyclist, so I got a bicycle and began riding everywhere instead of taking public transportation.  I would and still do go on long rides to the mountains here near Denver.

The result is a whole new me!  I have lots of energy, restored health and a positive outlook on life.  I hope to inspire others to make positive changes in their lives.



1 thought on “My Story”

  1. Wow! Look at that transformation! Good for you. I know first hand how hard it is to start, and then to keep it up. Hoping my next attempt will be my last “start”. Can’t wait to try some of your recipes.

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