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A couple of years ago I could only walk one city block before my back would start hurting so bad I would have to sit down.  Today I regularly walk or bike 7 -20 miles per day.  The change didn’t happen overnight but began with some patience and persistence.

I don’t like to run but have always enjoyed bicycling.  When I moved to Denver I didn’t have a bicycle so I began walking.  I started out walking about 20 minutes a day.  I then increased my 20 minute walks to about 3 times a day.  Soon I could walk one hour at a time.  I then gave up the bus and started walking everywhere, often walking about 10 miles a day.  Then finally I got a bicycle from a local bicycle collective!

I had been eating healthy for a long time but the weight wasn’t coming off. It wasn’t until I increased my activity that the weight dropped off relatively quickly.  Now I have an amazing energy level that I did not have before, even when I was much younger.  I can easily bicycle all over the city and I love the fact that bicycling is environmentally friendly.  All it takes is a first step!